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Month: December 2013

Fitbit and Weight Watchers Blogs

Fitbit and Weight Watchers Blogs

A lot of our users leverage additional health/fitness programs in addition to using the Fitwatchr app, such as Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal.  We recommend their blogs for great, useful health and fitness info!

Fitbit Community Blog:

Weight Watchers Community Blog:



Know of any other good health related blogs? Let us know in the comments!


The Reviews Are In – Fitwatchr rocks!

The Reviews Are In – Fitwatchr rocks!

We’re thrilled to share a portion of the feedback we’ve received from our wonderful fans:


“Good, useful app – Awesome update! Great start for this app! Thanks dev! Keep it up!”

“AWESOME APP!!! New updates make this product spot on!”

“Great App and Great Developer. This app is fantastic. Also, the developer is one of the most responsive I’ve ever worked with.”

“This app helps me really use my normal day as extra motivation. Excellent!”

“Have a Fitbit and doing Weight Watchers? Then this is a must have app.”


We are always open to feedback and encourage you to get in contact if you have questions or concerns.  We always appreciate an honest review!  Leave one on Android here or iOS here.  Feel free to send us an email at too!

Fitbit Force Review

Fitbit Force Review

The Fitwatchr team love(d) their Fitbit Flexes, but felt it was missing a few features – so when the Force was announced naturally we took notice!  We decided to upgrade – here are our thoughts:

Verdict:  The Force is great! Definitely recommended over the Flex if you are new to Fitbit.  If you have the Flex, our  upgrade recommendation varies. Read on or buy one here on Amazon.

What’s Great:

– See the time!  Something so simple adds what perhaps is the biggest thing missing from the Flex.  This essentially turns the Force into a watch, which eliminates the need for wearing a separate watch or pulling out your phone every time you just want to check the time.

– Better display for stats: See your stats right on the device, instead of needing the Fitbit app or website. It’s neat to see your stats directly after a workout!

– Easy to activate sleep mode: Simply hold down the main button for a couple of seconds to activate sleep mode.  Hold it down again turns it off – immediately showing how long you just slept for!  More easier than the Flex, which took a lot of taps to activate and was prone to accidental activation (clapping, etc).

– Long Battery Life: We’ve had ours for slightly over a month and have charged it twice.  Twice!  Of course over time this duration will go down a bit so expect a more realistic battery life of 10 to 14 days (compared to the Flex – 5 to 7 days). If only our smart phones could battery life like that!

What’s Not So Great:

– Main button sticks: This may just be our Force (we are checking with Fitbit now), but the main button you press to see the time and your stats is very finicky.  Oftentimes we have to press it multiple times before it shows the stats.

– Can’t shower with it: This is definitely a step back from the Flex, which is water proof up to a few meters’ depth.  It is still water resistant, though.  That means no swimming with it either! While slightly a bummer, we are personally not going to risk it (for now).

– The Clasp: Many folks have written about this, but basically the Force’s band is hard to clasp together and is more prone to coming loose than the Flex.  It’s more of an initial annoyance that you get used to after a bit of practice taking it off and on again.

Things to note (that are not obvious):

– The Force chip is integrated into the device: this means you can’t switch bands for a different color like the Flex. Naturally if the clasp goes bad or get damaged, you’ll probably have to buy a whole new device. Time will tell!

– The Force band is thicker than the Flex and definitely heavier. Once we started wearing it though, not much of a difference was noticed.  Only when you brush into things/clothes is it noticeable – might not matter much to the average person, though.


Overall, if you are looking to get a Fitbit device, get a Force.  If you are a Flex user, you may want to wait for the next device that Fitbit creates.  The Fitbit Force is available on or