Fitwatchr version 1.3 now available!

Fitwatchr version 1.3 now available!

We are excited to announce that the next version of Fitwatchr is now available for iOS and Android!  This release brings a ton of new enhancements, including:

– Entire app redesign: We listen to user feedback extensively; one of the major items that needed to be addressed was usability and alleviating confusion as to how the app works.  So, we made the initial setup process easier – it now walks you through connecting to Fitbit for the first time. In our next release, we plan to refine this even more.

– Usability updates: The app looks and feels much better.

– Performance enhancements, bug fixes

– Smaller app size

We hope you enjoy Fitwatchr 1.3!  As always, don’t hesitate to send us an email or leave a review!


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