Fitwatchr Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my earned calories and/or intensity minutes so high?

There are various possibilities that explain this:

  • Check that your height, weight and age on Fitbit's site are accurate.
  • Within Fitwatchr, check that your selected weekly activity level matches your typical exercise level. Choosing a higher activity level will make it harder to earn activity calories.
  • If you are a Flex/Force user, try wearing it on your dominant hand as this increases step/calorie accuracy. This can be changed on the Fitbit website or app. See Fitbit's answer here for more details.

How does calorie tracking work?

Fitwatchr takes the total calories burned from the previous day, substracts them from a baseline calorie number (based on age, height, weight, and gender) and if there is a positive difference, you'll earn additional calories/points. It will look similar to this:

Fitbit Activity Calories Burned:2,200
Baseline Calories Burned:-1,900
Calories Burned:+300
Equivalent of:10 mins at High Intensity

How many days of activity can I sync?

With our latest release (February 2014), you can sync any day! Data is stored in the app for offline review.

What Fitbit devices are supported?

All wearable activity trackers!

Where can I buy a Fitbit?

Fitbit devices are sold in stores and online:

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